About Us

We are experienced retailers of lingerie and shape-wear; we own successful online stores in the UK, France and Germany and we are working with the largest designer and maker of lingerie, padded underwear and shape-wear in the world today.

Sodacoda Ltd & GmbH offers high quality shapewear, breast enhancers, silicone inserts, silicone pads, chicken fillets for bras, bikinis, swimsuits, bum enhancers, bum & hip padded underwear and tummy control pants from selected manufacturers accompanied by fitting advice that will ensure our clients achieve the look they thought impossible without surgery.

One of the reasons why Sodacoda provide such products is primarily to discourage women and men from turning immediately to plastic surgery and equally distressing medical procedures. Sodacoda is widely aware of the immense pressure placed on women and men to look a certain ‘normalized’ way, which is accepted in the current social and cultural environment.  Sodacoda wants to help women and men achieve their own personal body goals through the use of products’, which will enhance or alter their natural curves thus building their confidence and self-esteem. The message we are sending out is to EMBRACE and ENHANCE your body!

We believe it's not just about looking good in whatever you wear but it's about making our customers feel better and ooze confidence.
Our goal is to help our customers look their best and feel great!

We strive for great customer service because our customers deserve quality products and open lines of communication. We are here for you to listen to your comments, concerns, ideas and stories so if you have any suggestions for improvements to the Sodacoda products, please let us know via email, text or call.


Yours faithfully,
SodaCoda Team

About Founder and Owner of Sodacoda 

I’ve discovered my fascination for lingerie, stockings and high heels when I was 17.
My passion for luxury lingerie, corsetry grew whilst studying graphic design in Germany and modelling part time.

I love the combination of engineering a garment that has the ability to reshape the human body, thereby accentuating all of the features we find most beautiful. Modern, padded underwear and shape-wear is comfortable, liberating, and extremely sexy. Don't get surgery! Buttock or breast enhancing surgery is dangerous, not to mention costly.

My goal is to provide quality fashionable lingerie and to inspire others to be confident in who they are and love who they are, providing great service by creating a friendly and confidential shopping experience.

If you love lingerie shopping but always felt a little shy to go into a store to look at or try on some of the padded underwear or more kinky styles, online shopping allows you to discreetly buy all the naughty lingerie, shape-wear and padded underwear you desire.

I want you to feel confident and I am here to give advice and help in your lingerie choice and size. So don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries.

With SodaCoda I have combined my profession as a graphic & web designer and my passion for luxury lingerie, corsetry and shape-wear. I hope you like my website.


Lots of love,