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How to use silicone inserts?

Sodacoda Silicone Bra Inserts are a fantastic and natural way to help you increase your cup size in only a few seconds – without the risks and costs that come with an operation and without the costs that come with a collection of expensive Push-Up-Bras. They are the ideal product for women who are looking for an easy, quick and safe way to fill out their bra and create a lovely bigger breast profile.

Our Sodacoda silicone bra inserts offer the perfect solution. They are soft, safe in the usage and permanently waterproof. They have a thin, clear and skin-friendly polyurethane coat purely for protection, so you can easily wash the inserts with warm water and soap. All our Sodacoda bra inserts were designed to imitate the looks, the softness and the sensation of real breasts. Therefore they feel amazingly soft and natural. Seamless and smooth they feel like a second skin, enhancing your breasts while treating them like royalty. Say goodbye to stiff enhancers that caused pain and discomfort. Our Bra Inserts are so comfortable and soft that you will forget that you are wearing them! They might feel a bit cool for a short time but they will adapt to your body temperature quickly so you won’t even feel the inserts anymore. They are completely invisible in bras, bikinis and swimsuits. No one will ever know that you are using inserts.

The most important thing to look out for is to find the right size. Are you just looking to improve the shape of your cleavage and maybe gain half a size along the way, or you want to fill out your Dirndl or evening gown and gain over 2 cup sizes? We have a wide selection of high-quality bra inserts in different sizes and colours to fulfil your personal needs perfectly. The intensity of the push-up effect can be read off the inserts’ weight. For a “little cheating” or to wear in bikinis, our bra inserts between 70g and 140 gram per pair are optimal. With these inserts you can gain between a half and one cup size, while our heavier Inserts go up to 355 gram per pair and will gain you two and a half full cup sizes. You can select the size form individually, we have the perfect solution for every personal body type and for any of your wishes.

Once you have found your perfect product, it is done. All that is left to do now is to simply insert them into your bra to lift and support your breasts. It is really that easy and it won’t take you more than ten seconds. Depending on your body type, personal preferences and intended look you can wear the inserts flexibly either under your breasts or sideways of them. Try until you have found your perfect look. You can create a natural padding and a beautiful, nice cleavage to complement your natural body shape and enhance your curves both in your everyday life and on special occasions.

Sodacoda bra inserts are also perfect to counterbalance breast asymmetry. Breast asymmetry is defined as a difference in the form, position, or volume of the breast. By simply using just one Sodacoda silicone bra insert you can easily solve this, giving you an even bustline and boosting your self-confidence.

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