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How to use Adhesive Bra?

Push-up stick-on bras can enlarge your breast by one bra size! It consists of two silicone shells that can be glued to the chest and closed with a front closure in the middle. Adhesive bras are very comfortable and give you a lot of freedom of movement. Adhesive bras are available with or without detachable straps. Silicone bras are so soft and comfortable that they feel like a natural part of you. Experiment to achieve décolletés of different depths by positioning the cups closer together or further apart. The possibilities are unlimited! The self-adhesive cups are washable, reusable and easy to care for. They are ideal for wearing backless or strapless garments.

Some adhesive push-up bras have exactly the same push-up effect as your normal push-up bra! Are you looking for a solution for a low-cut dress and a perfect push? Then our adhesive bras are the right thing for you!💫 Do you want to wear an outfiit with a completely bare back and bare shoulders? With the help of our adhesive bras it is possible! You can use the bra several times if you wash it by hand in lukewarm water after wearing and then let it air dry. Then it is ready for use again.

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