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How to use Adhesive Bra

The Sodacoda adhesive bras come in many shapes and sizes. We have a wide range of adhesive bras. Some of them are made of silicone and provide closure clasps in the middle or don’t have any closure. They come with or without straps with different levels of a push-up effect. Our fabric covered cleavage-enhancing stick-on backless bra features a lace-up centre that will make even small breast look fuller. Our Push-up stick-on bras can enlarge your breast by more than one bra size!

Depending on the thickness of the material you will have a fuller and tighter look after putting on the adhesive bra. They provide a perky, full push-up effect. Some adhesive push-up bras have exactly the same push-up effect as your normal push-up bra! The Sodacoda adhesive bras will help you to create the perfect lift.

Experiment to achieve décolletés of different depths by positioning the cups closer together or further apart. The possibilities are unlimited!

Are you looking for full nipple coverage? Then our adhesive bras are the right thing for you!

Most of the Sodacoda adhesive bras consist of two silicone shells that can be glued onto each breast and closed with a front clasp closure in the middle. The closure helps you to create a more lifted look with added cleavage. Smooth your hand over it to ensure it’s properly stuck.

Stick-on bras have a sticky adhesive on the inner lining of the ‘cup’. This lining is made of 100% skin-friendly silicone glue. You can use the bra several times. The self-adhesive cups are washable, reusable and easy to care for. After wearing it you should wash it by hand in lukewarm water and mild soap (this will get rid of your skin’s natural oils, which can interfere with its stickiness) and let it air dry by putting it on a hanger. When it is completely dry put the thin plastic film back on the inside of the cups to prevent them from getting dusty. Then it is ready for use again.

Silicone bras are so soft and comfortable that they feel like a natural part of you. They become a part of you since they literally stick on your skin and will follow every movement you make and will provide full seamless coverage. They will quickly adjust to your body temperature which gives you a very natural feeling.

Adhesive bras are very comfortable and give you a lot of freedom of movement. The smooth surface of the silicone adhesive bras is covered in an ultra-thin layer of polyurethane which feels very smooth and let clothing slide over you bust very naturally. The bra does not stick to the clothing in any way.
Are you looking for a perfect push-up solution for a low-cut dress? Or do you want to boost your cleavage in an outfit with a completely bare back and bare shoulders? With the help of our adhesive bras it is possible! They’re a wardrobe game-changer.

An adhesive bra allows you to wear spaghetti-strap or strapless tops, dresses and jumpsuits. Besides that they are ideal for wearing backless or very low-cut garments. Worn under party tops and dresses and wearing them while dancing all night long, is no problem at all. Even if you are sweating during a summer hot night the glue will strongly stick on your breasts. The Sodacoda Stick-on bras lift, shape and support breasts, and will always stay put!

Adhesive Bras allow women to wear backless and
strapless outfits with total confidence.

Most of our adhesive bras are adjustable in the middle to enable you to tweak your cleavage for your desired shape.

Separate Bra Cups and Place 45 degrees on the Breasts.

Repeat the same for the other Cup. Attach Bra Cups to the breast area Only.

The further the cups are away from each other the more cleavage you’ll achieve.

To readjust, undo clasp, then peel from top to bottom and reposition.

How to clean Adhesive Bra
1.Use a Mild Detergent
2.Gently Clean with Warm Water
3.Hang Bra to Dry
4.Re-attach Plastic Film to Avoid Dust

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