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Fashion Tips & Tricks - Body Shape

Soda Coda 21 September 2011 17:44


  1. Get naked in the front of the mirror.
  2. Be honest and objective..
  3. Ask yourself what you love about your body and what you hate.
  4. The things you hate are what will want to hide; the things you love are the things you want to show off.

Types of the Female Body Shape
There are five main types of the female body shape;

  • Apple shape (or round),
  • Pear shape (or triangle/ bottom heavy)
  • Strawberry shape (or inverted triangle/ top heavy)
  • Hourglass shape (or curvy)
  • Rectangle shape (also known as straight, ruler, or boyish) women

Find the type that best suits your own body. E.g. The styles of clothing that look great on an hourglass figure won’t necessarily flatter a pear shaped woman or an apple shaped woman.

Smaller Bust:
Most women who are flat-chested have a tendency to carry their weight on their bottom. So show off those arms with a lovely sleeveless round neck top. Most importantly, don't make breasts that aren't there. Just accept it and, if you want to be sexy (and you are in your 30's), show a bit of nipple, gently.

Never wear jackets that cut you across the bottom. Either wear a jacket that ends at the waist (to show your bum off) or wear one to the knee (to cover it up).

Short-Body with Long Legs:
If you have a short body and long legs, chances are you have big breasts. Pull them up with a really good bra so they won't accentuate your short waist. Also, wear short jackets that hit the hip-bone.

Long Body with Short Legs:
Never wear cropped trousers; they make your legs shorter. Layer your top half. Like Trinny, wear a long t-shirt under a sweater to break up your long back. Don't forget to keep your trousers very long and wear a higher heel to put yourself back in proportion.

Larger Size:

Don't be afraid to wear slightly figure hugging clothes. Do wear a plunging neckline and a good bra, which will show off a beautiful décolleté.

Short Neck:

Purchase deep V or low fronted tops. High necks will only make your neck look shorter.

Broad Shoulders and Slim Hips:

Buy flat-fronted long trousers and skirts cut on the bias.

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