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The Best NATURAL Breast Enlargement

Soda Coda 20 September 2011 00:15

There are non-surgical breast enlargement options out there. Natural breast enlargement methods will take time to produce results. So be realistic about your results and be patient. Please find below the best natural breast enlargement methods below;

1. Breast Enlargement Exercises

These are simply physical exercises you can do on a daily basis to develop the muscles underneath your breast tissue. Unfortunately, they can’t really enlarge the breast itself but by working the pectoral muscles, you can make your breasts look firmer and higher. There are several breast exercise routines out there and all of them involve the usual push-ups, chest presses and chest flys along with some basic breast stretches. Great for droopy/saggy boobs.

2. Breast Enhancement Vacuum Bras or Suction Pumps

Also known as the Brava system, these are high-tech bras and suction domes which you must wear for a minimum of 10 hours a day for a period of at least 10 weeks. The point of the bras is to put your breast tissue under sustained tension, which causes your breast cells to respond and grow larger. Supposedly you will be able grow 1/2 a cup size gradually for a period of time but this depends on much you wear the bra. The Brava system is rather expensive and it seems to have a hit-or-miss product. Either it works for you, or it doesn’t help at all. Some reviews online raved about how it increased their bust size by 2 cups while many others have ranted about how they didn’t work and only caused pain, stretch marks, rashes and temporary swelling.



  • No side effects or complications on your health because no drugs or herbs are involved.

  • Non-invasive – no surgery needed.

  • Visible results may be seen in 3 months.


  • It’s uncomfortable. It’s very tight and the suction pressure may make it hard for you to breathe or relax.
  • Extensive use required. You need to wear it at least 10 hours a day. This may be difficult during work hours.
  • Rashes/stretch marks. Some women have reported skin rashes and stretch marks after prolonged use of the Brava
  • It’s expensive. The Brava costs around $2000, which is a large amount of money. And there’s no guarantee that you’ll see lasting results.
  • Slow growth rate. After 10 weeks or 700 hours, you may only gain 1/2 a cup size. Women have reported gaining even less.
  • Red left-over marks. After using the brava for 10 hours, it leaves deep red rings or indentations that last for hours. They are very unsightly and may affect your sex life.

3. Breast Enlargement Creams and Lotions

These are topical creams you massage directly onto your breasts everyday. They usually contain herbs and plant extracts as well as moisturizers like Vitamin E or natural oils to stimulate new breast cell growth. They also have the added benefit of reducing stretch marks while tightening the skin tone around your breasts. Unlike normal moisturizers, these breast enlargement creams claim to contain herbs which stimulate the production of estrogen, which results greater breast tissue/size.


  • They are fun to use. Breast enlargement creams are like any other beauty treatment we girls go through everyday. It’s relaxing to do after a warm shower and can even improve your sex life as well. Try getting your husband or boyfriend involved. I’m sure he won’t mind applying the cream on your boobs!
  • It encourages breast massages. While applying the cream, you’ll naturally start to massage your breasts. A good breast massage is beneficial because it not only helps to circulate your breast tissue, it drains the lymphatic system and removes toxins from the body. In many parts of Asia, breast massages are used as a traditional natural breast enlargement method.
  • Low risk level. Breast enlargement creams are not unlikely to cause any complications or side effects. It’s virtually a risk-free method.
  • Low cost. Breast enlargement creams are not particularly expensive. Almost all breast creams or lotions are under $100 with many costing less than $50. In any case, a full tub of cream can usually last you for months so the cost is even less when you divide by the amount of time you can use it for.


  • Minimal results. Your results will vary. Some women report an increased bust size after using breast creams for months while others have seen no improvement at all. Keep in mind your mileage may vary.
  • Requires daily effort. This isn’t really a bad point but like all natural breast enlargement methods, consistency is essential. Apply the breast enlargement cream on a daily basis after your shower. Using it once a week or only when you remember will weaken any possible results you’ll see.

4. Herbal Breast Enhancement Pills

These are pills or capsules developed with herbal ingredients such as
fenugreek, fennel seeds, wild yam and saw palmetto. Many of these herbs have been used for centuries as folk remedies to increase breast size. They work by gently regulating the hormones related to the production of breast tissue and stimulating estrogen production. Like birth control pills, the increase in estrogen can increase breast size by causing fluid retention in the breasts and breast tissue. They are generally safe to use.


  • Provides relief for PMS and menopause. This is an added side benefit of breast enhancement pills for some people. They can help to ease you through your period or menopause. The herbs in the breast pills can provide physical relief and will release tension from your body.
  • They actually work. This is a bold claim but feedback from many women in forums online have indicated that breast enhancement pills have increased their bust size by 1/2 to 2 cup sizes within 4 to 12 weeks. This matches up with my personal experience as well (see verdict below).
  • Convenience. Breast enlargement pills are without a doubt, the most convenient and time-efficient method to get bigger breasts naturally. There’s no need to wear uncomfortable breast suction bras, no need to exercise, no need to massage cream on your breasts. All you need to do is to pop some pills in your mouth once or twice a day.


  • Possible side effects. While breast enhancement pills are designed to be as safe as any over-the-counter herbal remedy you see in the drugstore, some people may be allergic to certain herbs. In reality a severe allergy to natural herbs is quite rare but this may be something you want to keep in mind. So far there hasn’t been any detailed clinical study on breast enlargement pills.
  • Slow results. Like all natural breast enlargement methods out there, you won’t see results instantly. It takes time to nurture your body and encourage your hormones to produce breast tissue. It’s important to be patient. Keep this in mind when you’re eating the pills.

5. Push-up Pads

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