The Oscars has just past - Take a look at how sodacoda products can give you the red carpet look!

Ellen Franks 04 March 2014 17:12

To all the ladies out there, here is a great look you can purchase for under £40!!!

Take a look at SodaCodas super sexy range of stunning dresses, from this red carpet wow'er to short lace party dress styles to show off your fun side! The SodaCoda Stick on Bra is a must have for any wardrobe as it allows you to go braless and still get the support and lift of a normal bra, at the same time being able to wear strapless, backless clothing with confidence, the bra will be invisible under any clothes! The low-rise inbuild foam padded pants are the perfect pants to wear under you fabulous dress, skirt, shorts or jeans and giving you an enhanced look, super comfortable and invisible under clothing!  

To all the men out there that want to look as suave and toned as Mr Bond.

Buy now the mens v neck T-Shirt to wear under your fitted shirt! Cotton fabric for a soft and comfortable feel with hidden compression to give you a toned stomach instantly! The mens long slimming shapewear pants are also a great way to make your body look the way you want and make the ladies think you've been going to the gym! They don't need to know you have shape wear on, they certainly won't even notice that you wearing any!


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