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Ways To Blow His Mind In Bed

Soda Coda 21 September 2011 18:48

Have a new guy?  Need to spice things up with an old one?  Want to bust out something extra special for his birthday? Or maybe you just feel like going the extra mile tonight?  Whatever your reason for wanting to treat your man, here are five ways to blow his mind in the bedroom.

Talk dirty.
They say that a man’s most erogenous zone is his brain. This means, it really is more important for you to blow his mind than blow his…well, you know. The quickest way to bring him into the moment and add passion to your sex life is to start talking dirty. Don’t know what to say? Just start by talking about what you want to do to him, what you are doing to him, what you love doing to him, how good it feels or what you want him to do to you.

Play With “The Boys.” Few girls will tell you that balls are their favorite part of a guy’s body. But like them or not, the majority of guys find it pleasurable to have them played with. Whether you’re going down on him, on top of him, or underneath him, go through the trouble of reaching your arm around to play with the boys. He will be VERY appreciative.

Hop on Reverse Cow Girl.  Nothing spices it up like trying a new position.  A popular one that many guys call “the hottest thing ever” is reverse cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl means that you’re on top, but flipped around. So you’re straddling him on your knees, but facing his feet instead of his face. A little side note: He’s going to have a full on view of your bootie, so if you’re a groomer, you probably want to be pretty well groomed. This position is very revealing. (Which is part of why it’s so hot!)

4. Wake him up with a BJ. Some guys aren’t into making out in the morning, but NO guy is going to turn down a morning BJ.  Because guys’ testosterone levels are the highest in the morning, it’s a time when they want sex the most. And if he’s going to wake up with a boner anyway… you might as well do something with it. (Well, that’s probably his logic anyway). Show him how good you are at anticipating his needs by going down on him before he even has time to roll over and start poking you awake.

5. Tease Him. Good things are worth waiting for. And in the case of sex, the longer you wait, the more exciting it can be. Especially as a relationship progresses, sex can sometimes feel like something that’s rushed through as opposed to something that’s relaxed and enjoyed.  Spend time kissing him, touching him a bit, and then kissing him some more. Give him time to anticipate sex, really want it, and get extra excited. As a result… after you’ve blow his mind, he’ll turn back around and blow yours.


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