All About Padded Panties

Get Bootylicious in seconds!

Ellen Franks 07 February 2014 18:00

BOOTY - Get the famous bootylicious Beyonce booty that every girl desires.

Purchase our Bestselling official top rated SodaCoda Silicone Padded Low Rise Pants! from

Or our SodaCoda Foam Padded Butt Pants also from to achieve the Beyonce look you want!


HIPS - Get hips like Kim Kardashian's beautiful hourglass figure!

SodaCoda's Foam Padded Hip Enhancers with Tummy Control!

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HIPS AND BUTT - Ever wondered what its like to have a back side insured purely because it looks so good? Ask J-Lo.

Get an all round shaping effect with the Hip and Butt Lowrise to Midrise Lace Foam Padded Pants!

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