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SodaCoda's offers the BEST Padded Bras and the BEST Gel Bras for the smaller bust!

Soda Coda 26 September 2011 20:58

Sodacoda has selected the best gel bras and padded bras available on the market FOR YOU - The After Eden Bra Collection.

If you have a smaller bust and are looking for a bit of boost to feel more confident or sexier then look no further! If you want to have bras that give you a great shape under clothes and full cleavage these bras are a MUST.

After Eden is a well-established dutch brand. The company has the best choice of gel and padded bras designed to give you the best boost for your bust. The lightweight double and triple gel bras have fully adjustable straps making the collection very versatile. The combination of an everyday look and a comfortable fit makes After Eden a popular brand for the modern woman.

After Eden uses beautiful high quality fabrics and exquisite laces. The company is constantly producing beautiful new lingerie products based on latest fashion styles, but the emphasis is always on quality and fit!

Gok Wan, Stylist. Recommends AFTER EDEN on How To Look Good Naked, Channel 4.




After Eden Double Boost Lace Bra


After Eden Double Boost Bra

After Eden Multiway Bra

After Eden Single Boost Lace Bra

After Eden Single Boost Bra

After Eden Strapless Boost

After Eden Triple Boost Lace Bra

After Eden Triple Boost Bra

After Eden Two Way Boost Lace Bra

After Eden Two Way Boost Bra


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