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Padded, Plunge & Push-Up Bras - An Alternative of Breast Augmentation

Soda Coda 20 September 2011 01:05

Padded bras have been very popular with women. Most women today own or wear them daily during their waking hour. There are of course many reasons for their popularity. Giving nice shape, support, hiding the extras from the public to name a few. What most consumers are not aware is that bras with bra pads are not made to "breathe" nor allow air circulation to the breasts. Breathable fabrics alone does not make padded bras or sports bras breathable. In fact, traditional bra pads will collect moisture throughout the day.

It is important to shop for padded bras and sports bras that are made with perforated bra pads so that fresh air can get through the bra pads to the breast area. So, make sure you ask your favorite store about breathable bra pads in your favorite piece of padded bras, push up bras, or sports bras next time you are out shopping.

Along with the sharp decrease of the breasts implant demands over the last couple of years, more women are looking to push-up bras to help them improve their look. Below are some reasons why.

Breast implants surgery had enjoyed its peak popularity period for quite a long while. It started since at least 1895 and gained well acceptance among especially small-breasted women in the world. Although carrying health risk, breast implants are indeed a quick shortcut to the busty look women are looking for. Who can blame them really? A better look gives them better self confidence.

However, since the financial crisis hit these last few years, fewer women opt to take the surgery to augment their breasts. The data collected by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) shows that there were about 307,230 breast augmentation procedures performed in the United States in 2007. That was 12% lower than the year before. This fall of demands was believed to be the impact of the struggling economy due to the financial crisis.

Another cause of the decrease is because more women today are aware of the high risk of getting a breast implant. Common “local complications” that happen after the surgery include infection, chronic breast pain, breast or nipple numbness, breakage and leakage, etc. Studies show that about half of the first-time patients that undergo breast implant surgery have at least one of those local complications.

So alternatively women started to find comfort in wearing push-up bras as a cheaper substitute to breast implant surgeries. A good push-up bra may cost quite a fortune compared to the normal padded bra, but nothing compared to the price you pay for breast implants. Furthermore, it does not expose women to obvious high health risk like the implants. And when worn properly, push-up bra is a great and flexible breast augmentation product.

Common push-up bras have padding just above the underwire of the bra. These pads lift the breasts and push them together, creating more appealing and voluptuous cleavage. Push-up bras are best to wear at special occasions where women need to feel great about themselves. They are also great to wear when we are wearing a certain outfit that features a nice bust line.

One thing that becomes a challenge along the way is that push-up bras are not always necessarily comfortable to wear. Especially when you have to wear a push-up bra in a situation that makes you perspire a lot, it could be such an agonizing thing to have for women. Fortunately, recent innovation has found ventilated padding on padded bras, including push-up bras. This padding is designed to give more comfort to bra wearers as it promotes better air circulation with the existence of the perforations inside the padding. Thus it allows outside air to travel inside freely and dries sweat more quickly than the normal pads do.

With breathable push-up bras, women get more comfort and better look on their bust. No risky surgery is needed; yet a boost of self confidence is still obtained.

Padded Bra
This type of bra has padding inside the cups. It is particularly useful for small-breasted women to look like their breasts have more volume. Some of these pads are built-in and some are removable. Most padded bras are designed to give a good support to the breasts, but they are not necessarily ideal to use in the condition when you sweat a lot. Luckily, there is a recent innovation that calls for bras that can make the skin breathe. These breathable bras – as they are commonly called – have perforations inside the padding that allow the bras to dry quickly. This consequently provides the wearer more comfort in addition to the support. That is why it is only wise to make sure that the padded bras you buy have this ventilated feature on the padding.
Push-Up Bra
Modern women need more function on bras than just support and comfort. Look is as important as these two to help boost their confidence. Therefore push-up bra comes second in the list of your must-have bras. The original idea of push-up bra is to give a lift on the breasts, especially of smaller size, and to bring them together in the middle so that they look more appealing and fuller. Many push-up bras contain padding. But what makes them different from the normal padded bras is that the padding is stuffed under the breasts towards the center so that the breasts are elevated and brought together.

Plunge Bra
This bra has a shape of the letter U on the front part. For women who enjoy wearing plunging neckline, U-plunge bra is a perfect choice to wear. The shape helps create an illusion as if you are not wearing anything underneath the plunging outfit.

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