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The MULTI PURPOSE Comfort Bra!

SodaCoda Team 01 April 2014 16:42

Here are some great ideas on how and when to wear your Comfort Bra! The SodaCoda Comfort Bra is a MUST HAVE addition to your Summer wardrobe!



Wear your SodaCoda comfort bra when working out on your light exercise routines! Giving you support and shape when keeping fit this comfort bra is a lot more flattering than the standard sports bra and its so comfortable you wont want to take it off, match it with the SodaCoda Soft Stretchy Sports leggings for the perfect gym outfit!



Wear the SodaCoda comfort bra in the classic black colour for so many great outfit to put together when going out to socialize! Your girls wont know who this style junkie is! Add some statement jewellery for the best of boho chic.  



Wear the SUPER cute purple comfort bra in the lace style! This comfort bra is perfect for your lounge around days, its so comfy you wont even know its on. Pair with some loungewear bottoms for a great Sunday outfit.



SodaCoda Boob Tube in Pretty Pastels!

Ellen Franks 22 January 2014 15:44

The SodaCoda Boob Tube is perfect to wear as a bra under strapless dresses or tops. Made from soft and breathable 96 % Nylon and 4% Spandex. No wires to dig in or feel uncomfortable, the bandeau bra comes with removable soft foam pads to give you the option of an extra shape and provides great comfort and support for women without any under wire. Can be worn for low impact exercise and casual day wear.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Please Note;
Machine wash cold & tumble dry low.
The bandeau bra support max to cup size C. The bra is best for small busted women (cup A-B).
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Also comes in White, Nude and Black. Other styles also available such as Comfort Bra and Comfort Bra Lace.


Advantages of SodaCoda's Comfort Bra

Ellen Franks 20 August 2013 16:31

Do you want to stop the daily discomfort with your bras?

Are your straps leaving red marks on your skin?

Do your under wires dig in?

Do your bras prevent you from looking and feeling your best?

SodaCoda introduces the super soft Comfort Bra! It's the only seamless bra with pads, which is designed to be the most comfortable conform fitting bra for women of all shapes and sizes.Whether you're petite or a full figured woman, just select your dress size and you'll have a bra that's comfortable, conforms to your shape and makes you look your best. No need to worry about your cup size. It's that simple.

These bras have a special pouch to slip in pads, which allows you to have the flexibility to remove pads or insert pads depending on your preference. You can slip in the extra soft, full coverage support pads (included) for that enhanced shape and perkier look. It's like having your very own custom made bra.You'll look lifted; feel sexier, and more confident!! No more back fat or unsightly top bulging. The perfect uplift fit that moulds to your body giving you the ideal cup size every time.

SodaCoda's Comfort Bra for Mastectomy Breasts 

Neckline Cut - If you have had a full mastectomy, the bra needs to be a good fit for your natural breast. You will need a bra that is not cut too low, otherwise the top part of the prosthesis will show above the top edge. Our Comfort Bra is cut not too high to give you a boyish look and not to low to show your breast tissue or prostheses.

Removable Padding - If your breasts are different from one another in size or shape, for example after breast conserving surgery, the bra needs to be fitted to the larger breast. If you have a difference in size, one tip is to use a padded bra and adjust the padding on one side. Our Comfort Bra is pocketed with removable padding to insert your prosthesis and/or padding you need. SodaCoda's silicone inserts are available with nipples and some with super soft feel.

Price: £5.99 to £7.99 - Low cost bras can be suitable as long as they fit well and have the necessary features. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right size, for example if you need a particularly large or small size.

Elasticated, wireless, super soft fabric - You may have had breast surgery that has left you with little difference in the size or shape of your breasts, and you may not need to wear a prosthesis. However, your breast area will still be sensitive and you may still have difficulty finding a bra that is comfortable. Bras with more elasticity in the fabric, and that do not have wires, may be best.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Removable Pads - Women can use bras with removable pads and place two pads into the cup of the smaller breast to create a sense of proportion.

Pocketed Bra - Women with breast sizes that have a cup or more difference can utilize a number of specialized products that are developed to address a large disproportion between breasts. Our Comfort Bra has pockets to add or remove foam or silicone padding of your choice. SodaCoda's silicone bra inserts are soft and conform to a woman’s skin with the option of many different shapes, sizes, weights and available in skin colour or clear.

SODACODA Padded Comfort Seamless Top Sport Bra - White - Nude - Black - Pastel Blue/ Pink - Grey - Bright Pink - Purple - Blue with removable soft pads (S-XXXL) 

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(Comfort Bra with Lace, or Boob Tube style also available)