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Makeup Removal Guide

Soda Coda 21 September 2011 16:56

Makeup Removal is an essential beauty procedure if you want to have healthy and beautiful skin. The problem is that makeup clogs up the pores so if you ignore the regular makeup removal ritual it will lead to various skin problems.

Read on to find out all the must-know makeup removal tips to cleanse your skin properly.

Makeup removal should take its place in your daily skincare routine. Besides, makeup removal products are just as important as any other beauty aid.

Firstly, you should learn several rules on how to choose appropriate make up removal remedies and tools. Beauticians advise to refuse the usage of cotton wool and opt for cosmetic tissues or cotton pads.

The next step is to choose the makeup remover itself. Here you should be guided by your skin type, age, skin sensitivity, and the composition of the remedy e.g. Oily, Combination, Dry. (Note: long-lasting makeup should be removed by certain stronger cleansing remedies set for waterproof makeup products).


Now we can start removing makeup. The first thing here that you should learn is the right sequence.


It is better to remove lip makeup starting from lip corners to the middle. The best form of lip makeup remover is makeup removing milk as it is gently and moisturizing.


Remove eyeshadow from the bridge of your nose towards the outer corners and then the mascara. Remember that the eye area is very sensitive that is why it requires specific makeup removers set for delicate skin.


When lip and eye makeup is removed you can start cleansing your face, moving from your nose towards the temples.



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