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6 in 1 How to use the 6in 1 Microneedle Set

Microneedling is an anti-aging, skin tightening and collagen stimulation therapy to achive a firmer, smoother looking skin on the face, eye and body. As well as even reducing scars, cellulite, and stretchmarks. When you run the microneedling device over your face you puncture the skin with the extremely fine titanium needles, you create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of the skin. “Injuring” the skin with tiny holes stimulates the skin’s natural healing process, provides a quicker absorption of skincare, and stimulates both collagen and elastic production. This procedure is one of the most powerful ways to stop aging by lifting the skin and preventing the appearance of new fine lines and wrinkles.


With the Sodacoda 6in1 Microneedling Set, you have many devices for all microneedling purposes

  • The 720 Needles Roller you can use in the face and on your body.
  • The 300 Needles Roller (is more narrow and can be used in the face – even the eye area.
  • The 12 Needles Pen should be used only on a single spot on the body, to reduce scars, since it has very long (2mm) needles.
  • The Ice Roller is perfect to cool down all treated skin areas.
  • The Silicone brush, for skin cleansing, is a very useful tool to apply soap thoroughly on the skin.
  • The disinfection basin you can use to sanitize your microneedling devices – it has the perfect size for them!

The 6in1 Microneedling Set contains the following products:

Dermaroller with 300 needles for smaller skin areas, e.g. in the face. Needle length 0.5 mm
(Beginners / home use): Anti-aging, skin lightening, skin tightening, building beautiful and healthy skin, removing dirt and dead
tissue, reducing hair loss. This needle length can be applied to thesame area of skin once or twice a week.

Dermaroller with 720 needles, for larger areas of skin, needle length 1mm
(Advanced / Cosmetic Institute): Removes bags under the eyes, acne and light pigmentation, hair loss, chickenpox scars, wrinkle
reduction. This needle length can be applied to the same area of skin every two weeks.

Derma stamp with 12 needles, needle length 2mm
(Specialist / cosmetic institute): deep scars and stretch marks, severe cellulite. This needle length can only be used once every four
to five weeks on the same area of skin

Also included:

Cleaning brush: For thorough cleaning of the desired skin areas before the treatment

ICE-Roller: For cooling the treated skin areas after the treatment

Disinfection basin: For uncomplicated disinfection of the attachments before and after the treatment

Select the needle attachment that is best suited for the area of skin to be treated.


  • Dermaroller with 720 needles
  • Dermaroller with 300 needles
  • Derma stamp with 12 needles
  • Also included:
  • Cleaning brush
  • ICE-Roller
  • Disinfection basin

6 in 1 Microneedle Derma Roller for Face Care


How to use the 6in1 Dermaroller Set

  • Hygiene is of the utmost importance when you use a Microneedling Device.
  • Before you begin the treatment, the Derma Roller must be disinfected again.
  • Applying Beauty products like moisture masks, anti-aging serums or anti-wrinkle creams is now highly effective.
  • After the treatment your skin can absorb these products much better.
  • Wear disposable gloves during the treatment.
  • Choose the head that is most appropriate for the skin area to be treated.
  • Roll the device gently 8 times horizontally and 8 times vertically across your skin, then repeat the process diagonally as seen in the picture.
  • The Derma Stamp should be used about 10 times.

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